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Every year in our country one to two live and five to six dead foundlings are found. Experts suggest that this is just a tip of the iceberg. These are the coincidences that come to light. Germany has now adjusted the law, like many others EU countries. There is a mother who leaves her baby safe and anonymous and no longer punishable.
In our country it is forbidden to leave your child in a safe place. The commitment to this law requires children's lives.


Foundation Beschermde Wieg wants attention for this life-threatening situation and stands up for these mothers and their children without a voice. You can help by paying attention to this topic.
On behalf of all babies and their mothers in need, thank you very much for your attention!

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Beschermde Wieg foundation will not get any subsidy, but that’s no reason not to go ahead. A desperate mother and her child have nothing while we're waiting for financial security.
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